Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's been over 3 months since my last blog but I've decided I'm going to begin blogging again...for multiple reasons. I'm going to make this blog fun and start adding a combo of things beginning with updates about my new business and everything else going on around me. For starters, Charlie bought a new house. So congratulations to him on his new purchase. I'm super happy for him. My friend Ranya moved to China and now my only way of communication with her is via facebook, skype or email so still trying to adjust to communicating through all those online options. I'd much rather have her here. On the bright side, Ames came to visit this past month and finally got to meet baby Jonas! The most cutest baby ever!

The business:
My business is growing. I'm really blessed to be where I am in such short time. I honestly can't complain. We've been fortunate to grow in such short time but hard work is slowly paying off. Kelly and I have been working our tails off so we hope to be bigger and better in a few years. For now, we will continue to work hard and focus on expanding. We also offer ASL classes every Tuesday at 6:30 pm at Woodhaven Baptist Deaf Church for $50.00 dollars. Its an 8 week course, starting with basic ASL. It will work as a semester course so this class will go up to ASL 4. Please spread the word and if you're interested we welcome you to join us. Please visit our website at Our website is a work in progress but please log on for updates.

I've started to twitter, not sure how it works but seems as though many people are on and why not join them. So if you tweet please look me up! You can look me up by my email Seems to be the big thing to do and still growing. I did it more to follow the Housewives of New Jersey.. of course my favorite show. So if you don't follow me, follow these fab women!

To conclude my blog, I will ask that you guys pray for my family and I. My mom beat cancer and is going through chemo therapy.My mom is strong and so are we so we will get through this one way or another!